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About Us

Welcome to Orchard Academy Trust

Orchard Academy Trust currently consists of two primary schools and a Pre-School: Allington Primary School, Barming Primary School and Belmont Pre-School.  Allington Primary School achieved an ‘Outstanding’ grading at their last Ofsted Inspection in November 2008. There have been no inspections since then as the school continues to maintain high standards and achieve results above and often significantly above the national average for all groups of children and is in the top 25% of schools.

Barming Primary School has approximately 400 pupils, it has recently changed to a 2 - 11 school to include Belmont Pre-School. Barming Primary School became a sponsored academy in July 2016. Barming Primary School is making good progress  and the Trust is proud that it achieved a 'Good' Ofsted grading in May 2019, less than three years after joining the Trust.

Orchard Academy Trust is committed to being an outstanding Multi Academy Trust, and will invest in its staff, so that the outcomes for our children are exceptional. The schools and the Trust are looking to the future with excitement and anticipation. The staff teams at our schools are loyal and committed to our vision to achieving Outstanding judgements across the Trust.

Our schools act as beacons of learning – for children and adults alike – inspiring self-development and nurturing growth with fun and enjoyment. Allington is a teaching school and has strong experienced teachers who mentor and support student teachers; it has a qualified Olevi trainer and two SLE’s, trained mentors as well as a number of UPS Outstanding teachers who are used to supporting other schools.