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Governance Structure

Our Trust Board is comprised of eight Trustees who meet at least six times per year. The Trust Board is responsible for, and oversees, the management and administration of the Trust and its academies; this includes monitoring achievement of the Trust’s key performance indicators.

The Trust Board reports to a board of four Members who sit above the Trust Board and whose key responsibilities include: appointing and removing Trustees; holding the Trust Board to account for the successful governance of the Trust; amending the Trust’s articles of association; and, passing special resolutions to direct Trustees to take specific actions.

The Trust Board is accountable to external government agencies including the Charity Commission, the Education, Funding and Skills Agency and the Department for Education for the quality of education provided by the Trust’s academies. It is responsible for compliance with its articles of association and statutory requirements, and for the systems in place to assure regularity and propriety around sound governance, financial management, safety and good practice.

The Trust Board has established the following four committees to support it in fulfilling its remit:

Finance, Premises & Audit Committee – Remit includes oversight and scrutiny of budgets, income, expenditure, assets, tenders, bids, implementation of financial policies and procedures, premises and audit.

Pay & Personnel Committee – Remit includes oversight and scrutiny of staffing matters, well-being, performance, appraisal, and implementation of HR policies and procedures including pay and reward.

Allington Primary School Local Governing Body & Barming Primary School Local Governing Body – Remits include monitoring schools’ compliance with Trust policies and achievement of development plan targets. LGB membership is drawn from a range of stakeholder groups including parents, the local community and school staff.